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This Administrative Guide is designed to assist you with the tasks performed by the System Administrator such as data administration, user profiles, passwords, security rights and module settings.



Commence is a web-based CRM solution that enables businesses to manage customer relationships in an organized and efficient manner. An intuitive set of ready to use applications automates the customer facing aspects of your business that directly impacts sales execution and customer service. Commence is customizable and offers extensive reporting and graphical analysis.

Getting Started

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Navigate to the address provided by your Commence administrator.
  3. Enter your login name and password.
  4. Click the Login button to continue.

The Home Page will appear.

Updating your Company Profile

Once you have successfully logged onto the system, the next thing you must do is update your company profile. Look for your company name in the list of accounts on the Accounts tab. It is shown as a blue shaded row in the Accounts view.

System Configuration

As an administrator, you have the ability to view or configure a number of features such as default Regional settings, upload your business logo for reports, setup your dropbox access and other email settings.

Data Administration

Administrators can perform several unique data management functions including restore some deleted account information, merge and purge duplicate accounts, and perform mass data updates to accounts and contacts using global replace.

Module Settings

Administrators can personalize settings for each of the system modules. This includes the ability to modify custom views, default views, custom fields, and built-in lookup fields. The steps for setting up default views, custom views, and custom fields will be the same throughout each of the modules.

System Tools

The System tools function provides you with the ability to import data from disparate sources and perform territory realignments.

Web Forms

Commence CRM offers a WebForm API to capture LEADS from your website. The implementation is in two parts – Designer and API.

Report Writer

A library of pre-built reports is available, or you may create new ones. Users must have appropriate permissions to use the Reports module. Using the left side menu, reports are organized by module for quick access. Select 'All reports' to see every report listed in alphabetical order.

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